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Rt. Rev A
lan Basil de Lastic, DD,
Archbishop of Delhi
President, United Christians Forum for Human Rights, India
President, Catholic Bishops Conference of India
Member, National Integration Committee, Government of India

Since 1998 Archbishop Alan de Lastic emerged with John Dayal and a handful of other Clergy and Lay leaders, as the voice of Christian Community in India, articulating its hopes, fears, aspirations and its commitment to the enrichment of the secular policy and culture of the world's most populous democracy.

Born on the 24th September 1929 in Burma (Myanmar), then part of undivided India, Alan studied marine engineering after his initial education in Rangoon. His family left Rangoon in 1942 at the height of the Second World War in the Eastern Sector when the Japanese armies entered Burma.

Answering the call of Jesus Christ, Alan gave up a prospective marine career to join the priesthood. He began his ministry in Calcutta, and was a close associate of Mother Teresa. She was present when Pope John Paul II consecrated Alan a Bishop in the Vatican in 27th May 1979. Appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Calcutta, Alan made a mark as an educationalist and administrator.

He was transferred as Bishop of Lucknow, capital of India's most populous state of Uttar Pradesh before moving to the nations capital Delhi as its Archbishop on 27th January 1991.

His inspiring leadership has been crucial in bringing together almost all the denominations of the Christian Church in India in the formation of the United Christian Forum for Human Rights. He speaks softly but convincingly, emphasing Constitutional rights and the plural cultural heritage of the ancient land of India, but at all times upholding Christian values and his commitment to Jesus Christ.

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